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Gael Towey Book
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Milk & Honey Business Card
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Ulta Setting Spray Packaging
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Monster Cafe Logo
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Sojoun Shelter Site

Mackenzie completed all of these works in the digital media classes that she has taken at UIS. These classes included Introduction to Digital Media, Digital Media Print, and Digital Media Web. Listed below are some details to describe her projects.

1. This book (cover shown) was designed to showcase Gael Towey and her work.

2. Business cards, along with other promotion materials, were designed for a local grocery store.

3. New packaging labels were designed to replace current packaging for Ulta brand setting spray.

4. A logo was designed for a pretend cafe.

5. A website was redesigned to fit the target audience for a local non-profit organization.

Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie Bragg is a fulltime student at the Universtiy of Illinois at Springfield, planning to graduate in the fall of 2018. She is a communications major and enjoys taking web design classes. Her work includes logo creations, websites, and printed packaging. She uses many applications, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. This site will showcase some of the work that she has done over her past 2 years at UIS.

Mackenzie is 21 years old and is from Rochester, Illinois. She enjoys spending time with her family and her puppy, Oliver. In her free time, her hobbies include interior and fashoion design. She hopes to incorporate her creative skills into her future career plans. Her resume is avaliable for further information.


Springfield, IL